Build People Powered Economies

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Core Values


Our indigenous traditions and culture hold rich knowledge and wisdom that may apply to many of the challenges we are facing today. Go back and learn what you can from your past, and apply it to the present.


No single project or approach will have all of the answers. We must approach each project as an experiment, with a hypothesis that allows us to test variables and gather learnings that can be applied to the next experiment.


Creating the world that we want will have some victories, but many more failures. Let’s embrace a culture of pragmatic, radical transparency that is open and honest about our shortcomings and challenges so that others can learn from our mistakes and achieve more than we thought possible.


Every day is an opportunity to reach towards our vision of a just and equitable economy. It will take us showing up with intention, rigor and commitment to move from vision to reality.


It is not enough to dream and talk about what justice, equity and collective liberation looks like. Everyday, we must commit ourselves to embody the practices and live into the world that we long for. Whether it’s about facilitating a meeting or hosting a dinner party, we must intentionally embody practices that prepare us for freedom when it comes.



Restorative Economics places the wellbeing of the community directly into the hands of the community